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It's all about the shoes!

1/30/12 Current Crossfit Shoes So I've been crossfitting for about 4 months now...I'm in no way any kind of expert on the subject matter that I'm about to discuss, just thought that I would give my honest opinion on some of the shoes that I have used/currently use for Crossfit in the hopes that it will help others when making such important decisions. With that being said, the important decision shouldn't be which pair of shoes should I get, it should be how many pairs of shoes should I get?! I should also say that I have had a lot of problems in the past finding good shoes for exercise (not just Crossfit) because I have really high arches and often get plantar fasciitis. None of the shoes that I currently have have resulted in any plantar fasciitis. When I first started Crossfitting I was using Vibram Five Fingers (Komodo Sports). As much as I like these shoes, I found them to be my least favorite of all of the shoes that I have/have used. There is absolutel

Paleo Challenge 2012

1/22/12 Ok, so tomorrow is the big day, the start of the 2 month Paleo Challenge Crossfit Beyond Limits (best place on earth). I'm going to utilize my blog to keep track of my progress, meals, recipes, and other Paleo/Crossfit related stuff (since I haven't been doing much travel related blogging apologies!) I'm super excited for the challenge and definitely look forward to watching myself progress through the 2 months. The diet portion of this isn't too difficult for me since I already eat (mostly) Paleo...just have to cut out the Greek Yogurts that I have been eating as part of breakfast (a matter of convenience) and reduce some fruit intake...Let the games begin :) In preparation for the start tomorrow I spent today cooking/preparing for the week. Because I go in and do the WOD at 5am, I have almost no time to prepare/eat breakfast before leaving for work so I made a nice batch of Bacon Wrapped Eggs (I added spinach and onions to the mix) Bacon

Austin for the day

1/7/12 It couldn't have been a more perfect day for a little trip to Austin! The sun was shining, there was some good shopping to be done, oh and let's not forget the eating! One of the greatest things about being in Killeen is being so close to one of my favorite cities...Austin! It's only an hour away! After making my necessary stops (REI, Lululemon, and Book People) I ventured to the mecca of all of Austin...South Congress St. A stop at my favorite Coffee place (Jo's) for a Turbo and then some really great window shopping before meeting up with some fantastic company (thanks Owen and Kat!) Graffiti on the wall of Jo' favorite, it's kind of famous! Owen, Kat and I went to Hopdoddy for lunch. Great place, hip atmosphere. They use local ingredients, local meats...very delicious and very Austin! Based on the recommendation of Owen and Kat I was adventurous and went for the special "The Chupacabra" a goat burger (their friend is a goat