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May monthly recap with VipKid, earnings, lessons learned, tips...

6/11/17 I meant to write this post a few days ago when I got my numbers for May. VipKid calculates your pay for the month on the 6th of the following month (so June 6th, my May payment was calculated, then I will be paid on June 15th). May was my first full month with VipKid so I wanted to see what was actually possible (keep in mind I'm doing this part time now as I'm still working full time) Money Cutting to the chase I earned $1108.75 !! Not too shabby for part time work that I can do in my own home in addition to life! This is considered contract work so you do need to take your own taxes out. I'm not a tax professional so I won't be giving any advice on that, I personally set aside a percentage that works for me, and that way I'm not surprised at the end of the year! I've done this before as I've been in the contract work game for a while! Lessons Learned 1. A lot of students won't leave feedback. You can have a really awesome lesson a