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Day 10: Last full day in Nepal, Backstreet Academy Khukuri Making

Up pretty early, wanting to get every ounce of life out of the day seeing as it's my last full day here in Nepal. I don't even know how it happened so fast, but it did and I fully intend to make the most of it! Tomorrow (and part of Sunday) will be filled with traveling back to Japan and before I know it I'll be hit with the reality of the work week schedule. Something that has always been important to me when traveling is making sure to positively contribute or support the local people. When I traveled in Thailand and Cambodia a few years ago I was fortunate enough to find Backstreet Academy. It's a program (that is in many countries) that provides meaningful travel experiences by connecting you with local trades and experiences, and helping to support and boost local economies in the process. Impact travel. I've blogged about the importance of human connections, and did an entire podcast episode over on my podcast A Glittery Affair about it as well, the Backstr

Day 9: Shopping in KTM, Playing with the Kiddos, and Learning to Make Momo's

There were a few things that I absolutely didn't want to leave KTM without. The tea that I've become addicted to (that I can only describe as similar to chai tea, but that description is doing it a huge injustice), spices to attempt to replicate the delicious meals I've had here (or better yet to convince someone else to cook for me!), some candies that you can only get in Nepal, and lastly some super soft cotton (don't cringe at that word this is like the most soft fabric ever) jammies for my nephew. Once I touched the fabric I also bought my self a blanket. Once you wash it, it becomes even softer! Because I was taken by Resha and her mother, we went directly to the factory where everything is hand sewn, so I had the ability to pick the fabric, my nephew will have custom made jammies finished by tomorrow. I had a choice of so many fabrics, it was nearly impossible to choose, so I went with a very "traditional Nepali" fabric in a beautiful blue, instead of th

Day 8: Rupakot to Kathmandu...the adventures of flying domestic in Nepal!

Because it wasn't an early flight it was a slower start, no rush to get up, pack and head out. Unfortunately there wasn't enough rain to burn off the smog and reveal the Himalayas for that picturesque view that Rupakot offers with the 3 lakes. You will just have to google that to see what others have been fortunate to see. Rupakot is stunning, and even with smog you can see the 3 lakes, but when the Himalayas are visible you can imagine how breathtaking that view is. Next time. Because yes there will be a return visit to Nepal, I have no doubt. Breakfast. This was the first breakfast without porridge, not by choice, but because they didn't offer it. A taste of what life without porridge will be like I suppose. I wasn't quite ready to get used to that. Then it was off on the crazy dirt road to venture to the airport. On the way down we saw monkeys on the side of the road. Super cool. The way down seemed a little easier than the way up, perhaps because we could use

Day 7: Pokhara to Rupakot, and how driving up a mountain absolutely does feel like you might die!

A bit of a slower start today, it was appreciated since it was the first one since getting to Nepal, first day without jam packed activities. Only real thing on the schedule was the 11:30 pick up to head to Rupakot (approximately an hour drive on a bumpy dirt road, up a mountain...oh what an adventure!) The driver showed up about an hour earlier than planned so we headed to Rupakot earlier than planned, which was fine. The ride there was definitely an adventure. The normal; cows in the road, tractors driving down the road, having to stop and wait for various things to cross (humans, machinery, animals, you get the point). Once we hit the dirt ascending part I knew we were in for it. Oh I forgot to mention, when we started this point the driver also had to kill the AC (and it was sweltering) because he couldn't run the AC while also climbing the mountain. The road was, uhhh, thrilling. And questionably safe. For even one car, but turn that into a two way road and you have a true a

Day 6: Heli Ride to Annapurna Base Camp, Devi's Falls, Peace Pagoda, and Patches

Up nice and early to adventure by heli to Annapurna base camp! A quick google search looks like it's over 1000m higher than Fuji (yikes! Here's to hoping I don't get altitude sickness!! I did on Fuji!) Pick up from the hotel was said to be between 6:15 and 6:30am, it ended up being around 7:15am, I'm told this is common for Nepali time. I think Nepali time is teaching me to relax and not be so uptight about timing and a schedule! Thankfully things went off without a hitch and we were able to go off without an issue. I'm happy to report that I'm no longer a heli or Himalayas virgin! Super happy to be able to have experienced both of those things I can't recommend this experience enough to people. I will say that preparing for this trip I didn't think it would be possible because researching it on the net produced some very expensive options. So my best advice is to wait until you get to Nepal to book it. Go to Pokhara, and book it

Day 5: Chitwan to Pokhara, Fewa Lake, and taking out street vendor awnings no big deal!

Up early trying to steal one last sunrise (and maybe a hopeful glimpse of some wildlife...tigers, bears oh my!). Met some people yesterday who are on a year long world travel adventure (also heading to Pokhara tomorrow) We also learned that helicopter transport is an option, like leaving steps outside of our hotel door, hmmm. So the helicopter didn't pan out, but that's ok, because the flight not only wasn't delayed but it left early. I won't lie, I was a wee bit nervous when I saw the size of the plane, only 7 freaking windows! When I got on the plane I was even more nervous, it had absolutely NO overhead bins, this meant all hopes of shoving my bag and attached sneakers in there was shattered. So I crammed them under the seat in front of me and did my best for the very quick 15 minute flight. Much to my surprise the flight was incredibly smooth, way better than the one to Chitwan! Arriving in Pokhara the weather was stunning. Bright blue sunning skies. S