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VipKid 100th Class it worth it?

5/30/17 And sometimes I teach as a Unicorn! As of today I've taught 100 classes (just in the month of May)!! So is it worth it? I will say yes! I'm doing this part time (in addition to a full time job, and another part time job as an adjunct faculty at a University). So, had I been focusing on this full time and opening up more time slots, I could have made more money in May and taught even more classes. Now, the money! WITHOUT incentives factored in, my totals today, for the 100 classes are $745.50. I still have two more days of teaching in the month, then the incentives to add in, so I anticipate being around $1000 for May...for PART TIME work! I didn't book classes for a couple of weekends, for various reasons (if I had my numbers would be even higher!) Some other numbers for the month, I now have 32 "followers", several "regulars" that are very consistent in booking each week (some multiple times/week). The first few weeks of teaching I ha

VipKid: 2 Week Update...MONEY!

5/8/17 April's stats (I started officially 4/24, so this was the first day that I opened my schedule) I taught a total of 13 classes I made $129, making my hourly rate approximately $17.20/hour May is on target to be over $20 an hour with incentives, I just couldn't meet the April incentives fully because I had less than a week, and I didn't open up my weekends beyond an hour a day! My schedule this week is filling up more steadily than my April week did. I have 11 followers (students) As of today I have taught 24 classes I know that a lot of times it's hard to get an idea if something will be worthwhile or what you will actually make so I'm trying to be really transparent with how the process is going for me. Could I make more, yes, but I am not fully opening my evening hours, I'm also not fully opening weekends. Want to get started on this journey too? Click HERE No teaching experience necessary, no ESL experience necessary, you do need a Bachelor's d