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Typhoon Chan-hom...oh the things you google (and purchase!)

7/10/15 Yes I suppose today is a 2-fer day... Months without posting, heck almost a year, and now today you get 2! Typhoon Chan-Hom started yesterday, the forecasts were meager indicating that it wouldn't be a direct hit and I think no one really took it seriously. It was one of the stronger ones I've been through, imagine the impact if it was a direct hit! Here's a photo that was taken on the island, after we had gone into Recovery mode Now, I had gotten a meal or two yesterday but I didn't "stock up" by any sense of the matter. This wasn't going to hit us directly, and from the sounds of the forecast it was all going to occur overnight, so I thought. I actually thought that I'd be able to get up and go for a run this morning. Ha! I woke up to something very different! First of all, this bitch has had me up since 2am...howling winds. Ever wonder how much Netflix you can watch? Ever had to convince Netflix that you were there and to "con

3 Weeks but Who's counting?! Oh and...I'm baaaaack!

7/10/15 Yes it's been a hot minute since I've posted, creative genius takes time :) Or perhaps there were a bazillion things going on in life that needed to be dealt with. At any rate, life is grand, and I'm back in action, collecting passport stamps, and taking you with me! What's the next big trip you ask? Oh just one I've wanted to take for a while...I'll be spending 20 ish days traveling all over Thailand with some brief stints in Taiwan and Cambodia! The majority of my time will be spent in Thailand...ALL OVER THAILAND. So if by the end of August you can't find me, don't come looking. Just kidding, perhaps come join me, living in Thailand, eating amazing food, and admiring some of the most beautiful animals in the world! Without too many spoilers, here's the "rough draft" of the upcoming trip... Taipei (approx 24 hours) Bangkok Chiang Mai (approx 1 week), including some exploring of Chiang Rai and Laos Phuket Krabi Phuket (1