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Seeing the Snow Monkeys in Nagano (Jigokudani Yaen-Koen)

2/25/18 Find what you love, and never stop doing it! Yesterday I did something that I've wanted to do for a REALLY long time! I've seen photos and lusted over this adventure. Why it took me so long I have no idea, but I'm so glad that I cashed in on life'ing with this one! Seeing the snow monkeys in Nagano at the natural hot spring was something that I'll never forget. I highly recommend it for anyone who is in Japan (fun fact you don't have to go in the winter, they're open year round, the monkeys are always there (free range, not caged or contained). I would even venture to say that it may be better to visit during the "off" season because as you can imagine this place is riddled with tourists, which becomes annoying. My annoyance increased because some people literally have zero respect for animals, their habitat, and personal space. More often than not tourists would get uncomfortably close to the monkeys, babies, mamas with babies, in

Never stop adventuring! Up next...Nepal!

2/15/18 (Image taken from Google) Once you find your passion you should absolutely NEVER EVER stop chasing it! NEVER. For no one. And with that being said, I finally have booked a trip that should have happened MANY years ago but (thanks airline assholes) didn' now it absolutely will be...Nepal here I come! Probably about 10 years ago I booked a flight (I was living in the US then) it had a less than 24 hour layover in India, I did my research and if in transit with less than 24 hours you don't need a visa for India. I searched several sites and the embassy. Because I didn't want issues. Travel day arrived and I went to the airport my bags packed ready to go to Nepal and go on the adventure of a lifetime. The airline wouldn't let me board because I didn't have a visa for India. I explained several times even showed them online where it said in transit no visa, nothing, they still required me to have a visa despite the fact that I was there less than 24

Travel Must Haves!

2/7/18 I've been meaning to write this post for a really long time. I've had it drafted in various forms, notes on post-its, memos in my phone, reminders set. I'll be honest, things just got away from me and I slacked! I always have people asking me for recommendations or seeing things on my Instagram story and asking me about them, so I decided to compile a list of my FAVORITES, my must haves! I try to travel carry on only, so these are all items that I have found either essential, or helpful in one way or another! I'll list them in no particular order! **Ebates. First and foremost whenever you're shopping online you'd be foolish not to use this! It's free money for some shopping you're going to do anyways! Sites offer various percentages back on your shopping trip. The sites change their percentages and sometimes offer bonuses so check back often! Just to give you a little idea, I've gotten $656 (don't judge I like to shop!) back from