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**Update** My daith piercing, 2+ months later

6/27/16 After about a week of swelling and pretty tender healing, things got MUCH better. Granted, the healing is SUPER slow on this and still I am needing to clean 2 times a day (just with hot water and a q tip) to prevent build up and bump formation (technical term of course!) I went in last week to have the center ball put back in, figuring they would pop it back in pinch things together and I'd be on my way. Unfortunately I was mistaken about how all of that was going to go down. They removed the entire ring, sterilized (yes I'm thankful for that), re fitted for the new ball), then proceeded to put the ring back in with the piercing needle, straight needle in a round-ish hole, doesn't feel good. It took probably 15 minutes for everything but this piercing studio is meticulous. He inspected the piercing and recommended that I continue 2 times a day cleaning to prevent bump formation (I have small ones at the top of the piercing because of some build up/not following my c