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The Single Girl's Guide to Online Dating: Episode 4: The Sexually Inappropriate Alcoholic

Time to diversify things a little, after all I'm totally equal opportunity when it comes to my dating. So this post is about a different branch of service. Although I won't disclose which one, because while some of the shit that I was put through as a result of this is funny, now , someone having a drinking problem certainly is not. So let's laugh at the mess that I dealt with, and hope that this person is in a better place! So this scenario is slightly more unique than others in that there was a common connection between me and said fellow (one that I discovered, but that he did not know about). You see, I had been talking to a good friend and she mentioned this person who she knew, like hey maybe I should try to set you up with him, well some days passed, maybe a week, and I "matched" online with this guy, I instantly recognized pictures that she had sent me, I did a quick screenshot and sent them to her to confirm. All signs a go, same guy. Hilarious. Perha

The Single Girl's Guide to Online Dating: Episode 3: (Definitely NOT) single TDY guy

11/6/17 (This occurred right before Christmas in 2016) Fun fact: I like to journal and when I started online dating and started getting some of these gems, I would immediately journal about them after the fact, so a lot of these blog posts include some excerpts from my actual journal entries! (Definitely NOT) single TDY guy is another POF special. We had messaged back and forth on there, and the quality of messages really stood out (meaning he sent messages that were just implying wanting to bone, being a narcissist, and were free from grammatical errors). He didn't have douchey pictures in his profile, he seemed to be mature despite being a year younger than me (which equates to at least 5 years younger since he's a male!). He asked thought provoking questions, all signs pointed to yes. His profile did indicate that his time on island was short (of course it was), but I proceeded anyways.  So we decided to meet within an hour or so on the seawall (it   was nightt