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Getting a Visa for China (Tokyo)

12/17/18 I will start this by saying that I am writing from the perspective of someone who has access to a Consulate within a close-ish distance, if you don't, this becomes more difficult. I'll also say that this is a giant pain in the ass, but it will save you money by doing it yourself vs going through a travel agency, and it's totally possible to do on your own, just prepare yourself for a bit of a headache (and well, dealing with a communist country!). I prepared, I had all of my documents, looked over the list of requirements several times on the website, I had it all. So I thought. Just go into it knowing that you probably won't and you'll probably have to change it all. Despite having literally everything, I had to re do the application when I got there, went through all kinds of interrogation from the ladies working at the office, they needed copies of my work orders (if you're military or working for the military bring this with you, it's not

Bali Itinerary: My Favorite Things

1/6/18 I had a pretty packed itinerary, and if you choose to use the driver/company that I used they are more than willing to provide you with an itinerary. I customized mine because there were specific things that I wanted to see, but you can go into things blind and have a totally kick ass time. Buuuuut. There are a few places that I would say, absolutely DO NOT skip when you come to Bali. This was my Bali dream team. The elite, the all stars. The ones that stood out above all others. I hope this helps with vacation planning of your own! Also, they are NOT in any particular order! Monkey Forest: This gives you the opportunity to interact with monkeys in their natural habitat (they ARE NOT confined in any manner, nor are they drugged) Holy Spring Temple: Go with a driver/guide so you know how to do the prayers, and which 2 fountains to skip (2 are for death/funerals ONLY) Hidden Canyon : Hidden Canyon of Sukawati (Beji Guwang), NOT for small children, people afraid of wate