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It's like the Amazing Race...minus the amazing part!


As I write this I should be snoozing somewhere on my way to Delhi. The fact that I'm in the armpit of America (you can all venture your own guesses about that locale as I ramble on about my adventures that put me here) rather than on a plane is starting to become humorous...slightly. Yesterday however, not so funny.

It started off as a good travel day, running around with mom, the obligatory Costco stop, arriving ON TIME (this never happens when mom and Costco are involved!) to the airport (couple of hours early in fact), checked in, no problems. Great! I just happened to check my phone and my itinerary said canceled for my flight to Chicago (I HATE flying there. Always a problem). I refreshed and checked again and it said on time. I refreshed again. It said canceled. Finally I got up and checked the board. Canceled. I was told by the one and only American Airlines (hate them right now) agent that I would have to go back out through security to ticketing because she couldn…

Goodbye Guam Randoms


So the day that I never thought would come, did. And, surprisingly, I was sad! After all, when you don't feel like you're dying, your perspective is a a bit different! I was in a tropical paradise!

I learned a lot while in Guam, here are some of the highlights/lowlights/WTF/only me moments from my final days...

1. I was propositioned by a Federal agent. I'll say no more. This is not flattering when considering the source (perhaps it would have been flattering if the Federal agent looked something like one of the ones you see on tv...ahem Benjamin Bratt, I assure you he did not. There was no romance or swooning involved, just a simple unflattering and rather offensive proposition)

2. I had 15 minutes to make a connecting international flight in Tokyo, this resulted in a team effort in the security line (kind of like pass Laura up the line) I went from the back of the line to the front of the line in a matter of 3 jumps

3. NO upgrade on any of my flights. Commoner st…

Bonelos Manglo (Chamorro Air Donuts)


I haven't posted a recipe in a while, so what better way to start off than with a native Chamorro treat?! I received this recipe from a Chamorro woman (thankfully it accompanied a lovely Bonelo Manglo to try!)

Bonelos Manglo (Chamorro Air Donuts)
Senora Cruz (Guam)

5 Cups Flour 1 ½ Cups Sugar 1 ½ tbls. Baking Powder 1 ½ tbls. Shortening 1 tbls. Salad oil 1 Can Coconut Milk or 1 ¾ cups real fresh milk
Salad oil for frying
·Mix dry mixture first-flour, sugar, baking powder ·Then add shortening and carfully mix with dry mix making sure all of the shortening is distributed into the mix ·Add salad oil again, mix well with dry mix and shortening ·Add milk slowly, mix well until mixture forms into a large ball ·Roll out dough then cut into 2” diamond shapes (can do any shape) ·Heat pot/pan with oil so you can fry the donuts ·Make sure oil is hot enough to fry; test oil with one piece of donut ·Fry both sides of donuts until golden brown ·Line a bowl or pan with paper towel t…

Sugarnomics Take 2!


Went out for my final Sugarnomics run (since I'm leaving the island Friday)...what a way to go out!

Tried a different sandwich this time (there are 3 to choose from on the menu) and it was amazing!!! Cuban Pork Sandwich that consisted of pulled pork, mustard, pickles, and swiss cheese. Another awesome side salad. I of course could eat half of it, making it 2 meals in 1 :)

Again I went with the Milo Dino for my beverage, it's so tasty (like a less sweet chocolate milk!)

Desserts...where to start. I got 3 this time...that's right 3. I probably should have jogged home from the place but my belly was too full to even consider it!

Dessert 1 was a Red Velvet Cake that was topped with a brulee'd cheesecake and fresh fruit. OHMYAWESOMENESS!!

Dessert 2 was a massive piece of cake that was caramel, apple, and something else, it was amazingly delicious. Sorry, no picture!
Dessert 3 was a Banana toffee chocolate tart. 

But...the best part about the whole trip was realizing wh…

Guam Sunrise/Sunset Photopia


Finally decided to take some photos off of the good old iPhone!! Enjoy!!

I'll have some more later on this weekend. I've been actively trying to get perfect sunset pics in the evening. I think bringing my camera with me is jinxing the process!!

Guam you dirty bird!

So I went out on an evening adventure that turned out to bring more laughs than I've had in a while! Right next to my hotel are the classy establishments of "Club G Spot" and "Ballscratchers" which I've been meaning to get a picture of since arrival...I got way more than I bargained for last night while walking around Tumon!!!
Enjoy your pornographic tour of Guam...

Chamorro Village


Ventured off to Chamorro Village last night. Every Wednesday the place is packed with local vendors selling everything from shell lei's to local cuisine. This is the first Wednesday that I've gone...and there was no shortage of entertainment!

There was one thing that I was really interested in prior to arriving, and that was the fresh you can see, I was successful! It was delicious!

In addition to this coconut I also succeeded at devouring some amazing street food. I passed up the banana lumpia (which I assure you is the best thing EVER to eat) because of the junk that I had previously consumed (including a chocolate covered wild banana on a stick. Yum!

Throughout the evening there were some interesting things/encounters. A man with his pet monitor lizard (3 feet long) who had the thing crawling all over him. A water buffalo with a saddle on it, they were selling "rides". I passed on the ride but did pet the water buffalo.

It poured for most of the…