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Saga Waterfall Exploration, and WTF did I eat?!

9/27/15 Completely exhausted from a full day of shopping yesterday (and a not so fabulous nights sleep), I got up nice and early to get to my tour meeting place to catch the bus. To be honest I didn't even look at the information for what we were doing and knew little more that it involved being outside and seeing waterfalls. And that was perfectly fine! The bus took us to Saga, a prefecture approximately an hour away, like much of Kyushu, filled with rice and mountains as far as the eye can see. Some winding mountain roads and we reached our first waterfall.  At the top there was a shrine with a beautiful view of the valley below. A monk was caring for it and going through some rituals when I hiked up to see it.  On my way back down (and for the second day in a row) I saw a praying mantis. That had to be good luck right? It's not every day that you see those, but seeing them two days in a row?! After the waterfall it was back

What the Fuk?

9/26/15 Decided to spend the night in Fukuoka last night to get the opportunity to explore Saturday there, good choice. Fukuoka is a great city with tons to do, and the shopping, omg the shopping! Stationary obsessed friends when you die and go to stationary heaven it will most definitely be some magical place in Japan. I promise you! Let me preface all of this by saying that when I had planned to go to Fukuoka, I had these lofty plans for shrines and temples and cultural shmultural...with a quick stop in Loft...well, there was no culture, just straight shopping...THE ENTIRE TIME! I've been wanting to go to a Loft store for a while and just haven't had access to one. Fukuoka has a 7 floor Loft store. One entire floor is stationary. That would be the 6th. On the first floor they have an entire Hobonichi section and set up.  For non stationary obsessed friends I apologize for the mild freak out. Needless to say, I stocked up on my 2016 Hobonichi go

Spur of the moment weekend getaway, Japan style!

9/20/15 One of the (many) great things about living in Japan is your ability to hop a train and plane and in very little time be somewhere completely different.  My full time job (yes I have one despite what many of you may think!) was a complete shit show this week, so I was determined to just get away and enjoy myself, not letting their ridiculous bs get to me or impact my weekend (when they don't pay me thus very clearly have no right to cramp my style!) More than the change of scenery, I just needed to be surrounded by some of my people. People I can be myself around. People who don't judge if I want to wear Jammie's and lay around doing absolutely nothing because they will do it with me. These are some great people I tell you! I may or may not have questioned the greatness of one said friend when she made me go for a 5 mile run in broad daylight (hot as hell)...just kidding I still love her, but I do not do daylight runs. That sun kills me, zero dark th

Nagasaki, Bomb Museum, Peace Park, Paper Cranes, Gaston, and great friends!

9/6/15 Magda and Steve (awesome married couple on their 6 month honeymoon that I met in Thailand) were heading to Nagasaki so it only seemed logical to meet up! I found the train station and the train schedules and off to Nagasaki it was. Now this might seem odd to be taking a trip to explore a new city when I still haven't explored the one I live in, but eh whatever! Plus, it's not every day that friends are so close when you live in the boonies of Japan! The train that takes me from Sasebo to Nagasaki is called the Seaside Liner or the Sea Liner or something of that nature. While the train is probably the oldest most outdated I've been on, the scenery is priceless. The name is accurate. The entire ride I had the sea on one side and it was gorgeous. Often times the other side had rice fields. I had intended on napping for the nearly 2 hour ride but found myself constantly looking out the windows at the gorgeous views! I met Magda and Steve at the train stati