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Another trip to Cocok's

10/24/12 So this post is a little late (and out of order)...but, better late than never! Before a weekend trip to the Keramas it only made sense to go and get my toes beautified by the lovely artists at Cocok's... It didn't come out exactly how I wanted it, but it's beautiful none the less!

Tokashiki Island

10/29/12 So finally after 3 trips to Okinawa, I finally made it to the Keramas! Last weekend for a quick little trip I ventured over to Tokashiki Island (1 hour give or take on the slow ferry and 30 minutes on the quick one). Tokashiki is beautiful. Where my hotel (Marine Village) was located was very isolated and there wasn't much to see or do other than the beach and beautiful water (tough life I know!). The hotel didn't even have wifi in the rooms (gasp) so it really forced me to disconnect and relax a little. Something that I now realize I haven't done in a really long time! I'm not much of a water person. I tend to dislike sea life, especially if it's anywhere near me...but I was hoping to see a sea turtle or two. Turns out you had to actually get into the water to see those. Damn. Perhaps next time I'll put on my big girl swim trunks and do the whole snorkeling thing (gulp). Tokashiki is beautiful and it was nice to get out and see something new

Barbells for Boobs

10/9/12 Just as I did last year, I will be participating in a fantastic event, Barbells for Boobs. I don't use my blog as a means for begging for money but for this non-profit I will absolutely make an exception. Please please please donate! It's an amazing cause and helps cover the cost of mammograms to those who can not afford them (men and women). I will be competing in an event to help raise funds for Barbells for Boobs held here at Shogun Crossfit on Okinawa, but you don't have to do the intense workout with me, nor do you have to travel all the way to Okinawa, I'm making it simple for below...donate. Please! Donate Here!

Sunday walk in the 'hood

10/7/12 I woke up with some very sore muscles from an intense week at Shogun solution, to take a nice walk through the neighborhood and down to the water to try to loosen things up and stretch them out. As far as my muscles are concerned the walk was a fail, but all other aspects of it were a major win. It was a beautiful day and it felt great to be outside soaking up some fantastic Okinawa sunshine!

Happy Friday!

10/5/12 Happy Friday... Here's how the conversation with the Japanese car rental company went (I'll spare you the lack of Japanese on my part and the minimal English on theirs): Me: The tire to my rental is flat Them: Can you change it and put the spare on Me: No (granted I know I'm not in the US, but damn...there's a reason I pay for ensure that I never EVER under no circumstances will be roadside changing a tire.) On hold for a while Them: Can you ask the hotel staff to change it for you (I should have prefaced this story by saying a coworker got a flat a few days ago and had to go through the EXACT same banter with them, and was denied by the hotel staff) Me: No On hold for a while Them: OK we will send someone out to change it. What I should also tell you is that two very small Japanese young women showed up and proceeded to change my tired in the garage (did this make me feel like less of a woman, hell no! I stick to my

First stop Cocok's

10/3/12 I wouldn't be living in Okinawa if I didn't have 10 little works of art on my feet. Today made it official...first (and definitely not last) visit to Cocok's for an out of this world Pedicure that will never be topped. NEVER EVER. In fact Cocok's has ruined pedicures for life for me. I don't even bother going in the states anymore because it just leaves me pissed off and disappointed. Feast your airbrushing here folks, all done by hand, and such microscopic detail...especially those baby toes! Ahh. Bliss.