On to the next adventure...


Wow, to say that time flies is an understatement! I feel like I was just preparing for my Japan assignment, and here I am, Japan under my belt, a distant (but never forgotten) memory, preparing for the next adventure...Fairbanks Alaska!

Today couldn't have been a better "last" day in New England before departing for a while! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so Mike and I spent the early afternoon doing part of the Appalachian Trail (Lion's Head in CT). Later on in the afternoon we ventured off to the farm in Alford and picked some blueberries and enjoyed some more sunshine with my dad. Now as I sit here typing this pre-departure blog post, Mike is preparing a lovely dinner of lobster stuffed with Ritz crackers, minced scallops, onion, and some other things (I didn't pay enough attention clearly!).

I'm told that I will get to "experience" a good solid 3 seasons while in Alaska, I look forward to it (I say that now!)...I've also heard time and time again that even though its a million degrees below zero in the winter there...it's a "dry" cold so it doesn't feel as cold...for the record I will say that I am guessing that regardless of wet or dry, cold is cold!

I look forward to keeping everyone up to date (again) via the blog and bringing you all along on a virtual tour (through pictures!) of my adventures/misadventures in Fairbanks!

Please please please don't make me eat moose!


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