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Hello cyber friends, travel enthusiasts, and friends and family (let's be honest the latter are really the only ones reading this...but I'll take it!) Some of you are already privy to this information, you must be in the inner circle (ha!), for everyone else, here it you feel the suspense building?!

For our next adventure we are traveling to...


I couldn't be more excited for the trip! I absolutely love Japan, and am thrilled that I'm getting the opportunity to explore another portion of it (and of course, eat my way through it!)

I depart 1/8 for the long voyage over! I'm sure this will be an adventure, especially since I have to get a rental car (I've never driven on the "wrong" side before). I hope to not take off any mirrors and if I do, I hope that it's less than 5 during my stay there :) I hear it's a common thing (Shannon, you're familiar with this right, oh wait, this was in the States and you were driving on the "right" side!)

OK, pack up (warm clothes of course...yay  no more below zero, sorry Alaska friends!), it promises to be an adventure. Have I mentioned how happy I am to be reacquainted with the Japanese toilets?! Heated seat here I come!


  1. You loved riding me with me while I was saying omg over and over. The things I get you into!

  2. That was def a typo in my last comment and made me crack up the way it sounded. You loved riding in my car with me while I drive the wrong way on the street and freak out the entire time. Oops!!!

  3. Hilarious typo :) And your driving is always an "experience"!!!!


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