The trip that wouldn't be...


I waited a few days before posting, but a very long nightmarish story short, I'm not in Nepal, I'm not going to Nepal right now...the airlines royally screwed up my trip...their collection of errors resulted in me getting a complimentary stay-cation in Newark NJ. Gee Thanks.

But, Lots of things popping up and shining through that potential rain cloud...

Getting to go to Shan's Wedding Shower, spending more time with family, Just got an AMAZE-Balls kayak that I can't wait to break in...actually, I'll be looking into some white water courses first, I want to learn to flip that sucker :)

And...a nice shiny rainbow to top it all off, I'm trying to coordinate a trip to Nepal in December, when the weather there is MUCH nicer...and tickets are actually cheaper than my initial ticket...

Now just to fight American Airlines for my refund...time to put my dukes up!


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