Pineapple Park and Ufuya


Nothing says Sunday like overeating, good company, and a pineapple themed park adorned with pineapple golf carts to transport you through this "it's a small world-esque" experience. One song played throughout the park, on repeat, and after hearing it once you realized that you'd want to have earplugs if you worked in an establishment like this. But of course the Japanese employees were all very cheerful and happy, as if this was the best song they heard all day, for the 10,000th time!

After pineapple park and all of the samples (again I ate too much fresh pineapple and had some kind of mild allergic reaction, my lip started to get tingly and feel swollen, only then did I step away from the fresh pineapple table and stop eating!) we went to Ufuya, a little gem of a restaurant that we discovered last go round. You literally have to follow a sign in Kanji to find the place (no English indication anywhere), through a back road (very narrow), through a cemetery, then it opens up to this amazing restaurant that I can find no better way to describe it other than Swiss Family Robinson. Little huts/buildings built into the mountainside, waterfalls all over, and you literally dine in an open air experience, often times feed from a beautiful waterfall. Inside the tables are the traditional well tables, so you are sitting on the floor. The food is amazing. This time they had an English menu which helped only slightly compared to our previous dining experience. Turns out I ordered the exact same thing!

All in all an amazing day. When we got back to the hotel I was exhausted and had a very full belly, so what else do you do on a Sunday afternoon, nap. As I was falling asleep my room started to shake. Earthquake. No nap for me.


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