Mario Karting through the streets of Tokyo


When you think of touristy things to do in Tokyo you think of shrines, temples, the Tokyo Tower, and hitting all of the various areas that are a must see...but what you should be thinking about is getting your happy ass in a go kart, dressed in a costume, and cruising the streets. This was by far the best way to tour Tokyo, well worth every penny. We did the 3 hour option and it was 8000 yen (so about $80 at the time because of the exchange rate)
you can use their GoPro or other camera things they have to capture the experience, or of course bring your own, I didn't want to mess with bringing my own, so I used theirs.

You get a quick into, how to use the car, what to do, what not to do (ram bumpers and use the horn, except in Shibuya). Then we were off, which left me slightly nervous. Yes it drives like a normal car, sort if. Missing some safety features, like a seatbelt, and well, you're low to the ground, and mine was missing some working lights, minor detail.

We opted for the evening tour, leaving at 6pm, because we didn't want to be sitting in the carts, in costumes, in the blazing sun on pavement. It was a good choice, and seeing the city as the sun set on it, then as it was lit up for night, was gorgeous!

We cruised the streets of Tokyo like Fast and the Furious. At one point I think we went on the expressway. We most certainly were at speeds I don't even take a car often in Japan, I exceeded 70km in that little rickety cart (making it go "in the red")

We drove through the massive Shibuya crossing probably 4-5 times, stopping traffic as people dead stopped in the crosswalks to take our pictures. Japanese people LOVE seeing people in costumes in the carts.

You make a few stops along the way at some really beautiful sights, one being the Tokyo Tower, which at night is perhaps as beautiful as the Eiffel Tower. The tour guides will take your pictures for you, they also offer group pics

In addition to getting to see the city from an entirely different perspective, you also get to explore any potential alter egos you might have. I went with Princess Peach. Hey, if the crown fits!

At the end of the night, our tour guides gifted us with a nice little printed picture of the group at one of the places where we stopped. An amazing experience that had me laughing the entire time. This is definitely one of those experiences that leaves you with the feeling of, how the hell do I top that?!

With that being said, on to the summit of Fuji tomorrow.

Where to go:

  • Maricar's Facebook group here they also have a website here
  • Book by sending them a message, they will give you a discounted rate if you agree to write a review, I'm not usually one for bribery but I assure you it won't be hard to write a glowing review, or two!
  • BRING your SOFA license or International Driver's License (easily obtained from AAA before you leave USA for about $20), you can't drive without one
  • Cost: message them, they give you a discounted rate as indicated above, rates are different depending on the time, for us it was 8000 yen for 3 hours. They accept Yen or credit card.
  • Where: Shinagawa (they will send you the address and directions for subway and/or how to get there from your hotel)

YouTube videos of the experience can be found here


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