May monthly recap with VipKid, earnings, lessons learned, tips...


I meant to write this post a few days ago when I got my numbers for May. VipKid calculates your pay for the month on the 6th of the following month (so June 6th, my May payment was calculated, then I will be paid on June 15th). May was my first full month with VipKid so I wanted to see what was actually possible (keep in mind I'm doing this part time now as I'm still working full time)


Cutting to the chase I earned $1108.75!! Not too shabby for part time work that I can do in my own home in addition to life! This is considered contract work so you do need to take your own taxes out. I'm not a tax professional so I won't be giving any advice on that, I personally set aside a percentage that works for me, and that way I'm not surprised at the end of the year! I've done this before as I've been in the contract work game for a while!

Lessons Learned

1. A lot of students won't leave feedback. You can have a really awesome lesson and then not get feedback for it, don't sweat it.
2. You can't please everyone! Some parents are savage with their feedback! You can put your all into a lesson and really be engaging with the child, and they will still leave you meh feedback. Don't get caught up in it!
3. Read the weekly updates! There is a lot of info in there; incentives that are being offered, tips and tricks, and promos that they have going on (the most recent two that I applied for were to record an audio of a bedtime story, and to become a mentor)
4. Some students love class and look forward to it, and some don't want to be there. I've had students who are totally engaged, and some who clearly flip to another tab/browser during lessons and it's like pulling teeth, just keep chugging along :)


1. Reiterating some of what was said above, read the Weekly Update!
2. Stay energized, your students will feed off of the energy that you are giving them!
3. Don't focus on the feedback it will drive you crazy! You can have 9 perfect feedbacks and then get one mediocre one and it will knock your score way down, they don't seem to be weighted evenly, it takes forever to pull the score back up (kind of like recouping after freshman year in college!)

If you want more information about doing this, teaching ESL (no I had no experience doing this before I started), or you would like to apply, you can do so HERE
I'm happy to answer any questions you might have! I was really inquisitive going into it, so I'm trying to provide as much info as I can by blogging my way through the journey!


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