Bali Itinerary: My Favorite Things


I had a pretty packed itinerary, and if you choose to use the driver/company that I used they are more than willing to provide you with an itinerary. I customized mine because there were specific things that I wanted to see, but you can go into things blind and have a totally kick ass time.

Buuuuut. There are a few places that I would say, absolutely DO NOT skip when you come to Bali. This was my Bali dream team. The elite, the all stars. The ones that stood out above all others. I hope this helps with vacation planning of your own!

Also, they are NOT in any particular order!

  • Monkey Forest: This gives you the opportunity to interact with monkeys in their natural habitat (they ARE NOT confined in any manner, nor are they drugged)
  • Holy Spring Temple: Go with a driver/guide so you know how to do the prayers, and which 2 fountains to skip (2 are for death/funerals ONLY)
  • Hidden Canyon: Hidden Canyon of Sukawati (Beji Guwang), NOT for small children, people afraid of water, those not adventurous, or those who have limited mobility. Also be mindful of going during rainy season. It was closed the day before I went because the waters were too high/dangerous, when I went the current was VERY strong.
  • Tanah Lot Temple: Probably best at sunset, I went after Hidden Canyon, I was drenched, it was not sunset, but it was still beautiful. Temple on the water/cliffs
  • Sekumpul & Fiji Waterfall Trek: Probably my favorite falls from Bali (and I went to quite a few), WAY less populated because it is a bit of a trek. Huge stunning falls, they try to use scare tactics to make you hire the local guide. In all honesty you probably don't need it, I did hire one and he ended up taking amazing pics, so well worth it, and supporting local economy.
  • Besakih Temple: Largest temple in Bali. Basically on Agung. Ghost town when I went late December. Huge, amazing views. Local guide takes you around. People try to sell you stuff constantly. It's a beautiful temple to experience though.
  • Goa Lawah (Bat Cave Temple): Literally a cave filled with bats that is a temple, bizarre, but also super neat to see/experience. Bats don't fly out they stay within the cave, but you can smell and hear them, and the bugs are pretty bad in there so use repellent before you go in or else you'll leave with bites.
  • Uluwatu Temple: Perhaps my favorite temple. On a nice day you can spend a lot of time here, they have stunning cliff walks, on part of it walking through the jungle/forest part it's riddled with monkeys. This place is gorgeous.
  • Lempuyang Temple: Don't just stop at the temples where all of the tourists are, GO ALL THE WAY UP the mountain! You exit out the right side of the top large temple and start trekking up the road. 1700+ steps (2 hours approx) later you're there. It's said that you shouldn't do this with a heavy heart or you won't be afforded the stunning views. You also shouldn't use foul language or speak negatively about the pilgrimage for the same reasons. Views of Agung on one side and the sea on the other from the top. Monkeys along the top part of the trek and at the temple at the very top of the mountain. People along the way up the mountain wishing you well.
  • Tukad Cepung Waterfall: Smaller, less tourists than Kanto Lampo (I actually don't recommend that one), off the beaten path, and really quite stunning. Water isn't deep so you can't really swim there if that's what you're looking for
  • Mt Batur Sunrise Trek: You start super early in the morning, most pick ups from villas/Airbnb's are around 2am. Hiking generally starts around 3:30/4am. Approx 1.5/2 hours to get to the top. You do need to have a local guide for this, can't even enter the Mountain area without one so either your driver or one of the touristy trip booking places can set you up (I went through my driver). First 1.5 miles is pretty easy on packed dirt, from 1.5mile mark to the top is pretty challenging. Worth every second when you get to the top. Perfect views of Agung and Batur Lake.

    Scroll back through my previous blog posts to see more details (including pictures) about each of these locations! Or search the label "Bali" on my blog for quicker results!

    I hope this is helpful for anyone planning a trip!


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