I've been here for a few days so it's about time I post to let you know my current coordinates! Guam it is! This place is hot. For instance like a really intense sauna. You walk outside and are instantly covered in sweat. St Louis has NOTHING on this humidity!

The water is beautiful, much like Okinawa, but the only difference is that it's really warm. I walked in up to my knees and it felt like bath water!

Here are some fun random discoveries (some less fun than others):

-There are wild boar just roaming the streets and side of the roads
-There are wild deer on the side of the roads
-There are LOTS of stray dogs. Everywhere
-There are wild chickens along the sides of the road
-The island DOES have snakes despite what people have said prior to my arrival. They are brown tree snakes, they are poisonous but not lethal to healthy adults (just potentially lethal to babies and elderly). They don't have fangs so if they bite they try to gnaw you to break the skin and inject the venom
-Guam is supposed to be one of the best places in the world for diving/snorkeling
-EVERYTHING here is expensive.
-At the Marriott (where I'm staying) you have to pay $320 a month for internet. A meal is no cheaper than $11, and it is unlikely that you will get a room that doesn't at least have a vague smell of mold.
-It is nearly impossible to take photographs because my camera (that has been inside all day in the AC) wont unfog

Despite all of that, here are some pics that I took on my journey to Guam. Oh yeah did I mention, I got the upgrade to first class from Houston-->Tokyo and from Tokyo--->Guam. The sweet life! All thanks to having Elite status on that airline!


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