Maeda Point


Maeda Point is best known for it's spectacular scuba and snorkeling. You literally walk down the stairs and right into the ocean. I didn't go today because the water was freezing and I didn't have my wetsuit (it was a spontaneous trip!). Best of all, it's free to go there (except parking which is 100 Yen per hour)!

Aside from the snorkeling and scuba there are also some walking trails and you can hike (attempt to not die) on these big volcanic mounds that will lacerate your foot/leg with one wrong step!

Checking the sea condition, the tide charts, and making sure to watch out for the shark attention are all necessary things when going in the water at Maeda Point!

Shark Attention (it even gives the months that he frequents)

The only bummer is that there is no real "beach" right there at Maeda Point, so if you don't want to snorkel or scuba, you have limited options for lounging around! I can tell you from personal experience that the grass is not soft and comfy, instead it is crunchy and feels a bit like faux grass/astroturf.


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