Doctor's Appointment with the Prisoners


Today I had a follow up with the ENT specialist. He was a bit more personable, although still didn't provide much information. I had to ask the tough questions, like "does it look better", "has the condition of my ear canal improved?"

So, there is slight improvement, however at the 2 week mark with these antibiotics if it has not fully recovered (and fingers crossed the Palsy gone away) then his recommendation is the surgery/drain insertion. He said the flight home would be miserable without it. I'm almost willing to take that chance!

On my way out of this lovely establishment I walked straight into a group of prisoners and their prison guards. Everyone has medical needs right? Only difference is they are getting theirs for free while I'll be paying for mine for many years. Such is life. Makes you wonder just what kind of "quality" medical care you are getting if the establishment is also one that serves the incarcerated. Not like the top docs in the world are treating criminals.

On an even more positive note, I'm one day closer to departure :)  There was a beautiful rainbow today (and lots of rain).


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