WW II Tour of Guam


Today I went on a WW II tour of Guam. It was an all day affair, which wouldn't have been bad had I been on a bus with air conditioning the entire time rather than standing outside for the majority of it in the heat of the day. Oh and hiking through the insect ridden jungle with 3000% humidity (while still sick and on 2 different very strong antibiotics) was probably not my favorite!

There were lots of cool things about the tour, got to see several caves where the Japanese hid out and attacked from.

My favorite part of the tour was the discussion of the War Dogs. Literally dogs that were trained and utilized throughout the war. These dogs are credited with saving hundreds of lives because they could alert the Marines about the Japanese approaching long before they ever arrived. There is a cemetery here on Guam for the War Dogs who were casualties of the war, unfortunately that was not part of the tour.

I saw all kinds of creepy crawly insects along the way, even some that could kill me!  Check out the slideshow!


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