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It has come to my attention that perhaps I'm an overly difficult customer. And by overly difficult I mean when ordering a coffee at McDonalds I ask for Splenda and Milk (I compromise, I'll take any milk even though I'd prefer Skim) rather than cream and sugar. There are several reasons for this. Creamer is a horrid substance that just doesn't work for me, and the "sugar" that is used at McDonalds in coffee is a syrupy substance that I'm quite certain is capable of inflicting instant diabetes.

So it first became apparent that I had a problem with McDonalds and coffee when I was in Nashville with my dear friends/family Shannon and Bill. We were piled in Bills truck for a post gym breakfast (don't most people do that?!) and Bill ordered my request through the speaker. There was some slight confusion at this stage but it appeared to be worked out. Until the window. When the woman opened the window for us to pay she said, verbatim, "What exactly did you mean by milk?". The three of us (Shannon, Bill and I...because clearly Ms McD's was not on the same brainwave) looked at each other in shock, amazement, and then did everything we could not to laugh hysterically (which may or may not have happened before pulling away from the window). I will note for the purposes of my coffee research post that I received the coffee, it had been made with cream and the diabetes syrup. No milk. No splenda

Next up, fast forward a couple of weeks and a few states and I'm in St Louis. I go to one of my favorite McDonalds (the one near my house where the drive through smells like raw sewage. Yum) and order my large iced coffee with milk and Splenda. No confusion on the speaker ordering system, and no apparent confusion when I get to the this possible? I get my coffee and it I take a sip and most definitely got more than I bargained for. Not only did they put cream (no milk) but they put the syrup AND splenda in there. Hello Diabetes.

Fast forward again and I'm somewhere in the middle of nowhere driving from MO to PA (see, told you, middle of nowhere Dorothy!) I stop for a coffee, this time going inside the McDonalds and ordering in person (maybe this will fix "the issue"). I order my large coffee with milk and Splenda. Pay. No issue. Until she says "Is cream ok" to which I say "no I'd like milk please" and she doesn't miss a beat, opens the fridge and puts milk in instead of cream". So, if the system is this simple, why the issues??


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