Summer across the US


This summer has been a wild and crazy one thus far, and it's showing no signs of slowing down! I feel like my feet landed on the ground after Guam and haven't stopped running! I flew to Nashville for a long weekend and was able to spend some good quality time with my surrogate family and Bestie for her Wedding Shower...

Outside the Pancake Pantry. Sweet Potato Pancakes=YUM!
Back to MA for a few days, and an intense Whitewater Kayaking Clinic on the Deerfield River before I was on the road again. Drove from MA to Pittsburgh. Stopped there for the night, then drove from Pittsburgh to Nashville for Wedding Week (yay Shan and Willis!) The week was full of laughs, Dance Central, crazy BFF Rose adventures, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid's luncheon, and the grand finale...the most beautiful Wedding imaginable!

Getting the Bride to Be all decked out in appropriate bachelorette attire!

The Obligatory "hat" from Dick's

Missing the Bride in this pic

She got an extra special hat :)

Flower girl and Bride to Be at the Bridesmaid Luncheon

Rehearsal Dinner at Rumours...amazing food/staff/party!

Adorable sign on the front door of Rumours!

I wish I had pictures of the wedding. I was way too busy on the dance floor to tote around my camera! Thankfully the very talented photographer captured all of the evening (in more than 3000 pictures!) 

Next adventures for the summer include heading back to Pittsburgh, then to Austin, back to Pittsburgh, then driving back to MA before leaving for my next assignment...any guesses where I'll be going?!


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