Never stop adventuring! Up next...Nepal!


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Once you find your passion you should absolutely NEVER EVER stop chasing it! NEVER. For no one. And with that being said, I finally have booked a trip that should have happened MANY years ago but (thanks airline assholes) didn' now it absolutely will be...Nepal here I come!

Probably about 10 years ago I booked a flight (I was living in the US then) it had a less than 24 hour layover in India, I did my research and if in transit with less than 24 hours you don't need a visa for India. I searched several sites and the embassy. Because I didn't want issues. Travel day arrived and I went to the airport my bags packed ready to go to Nepal and go on the adventure of a lifetime. The airline wouldn't let me board because I didn't have a visa for India. I explained several times even showed them online where it said in transit no visa, nothing, they still required me to have a visa despite the fact that I was there less than 24 hours and in transit. I even spoke to a supervisor and got nowhere. At this point I was in tears. Yes me, the person who doesn't cry. I literally had to walk out of the airport and leave, without ever getting on my plane. I went home so pissed off and fired of emails to the airline, found phone numbers, waited on hold for hours and finally connected with someone. When I got a human on the phone the profuse apologies started coming through. They realized the mistake, their mistake, the impact it had had on me, and continued to apologize. They refunded me the money for my ticket (I obviously was going to fight for this it was a lot of money), they deposited an insane amount of frequent flyer miles into my account (that I have yet to use because I'll honestly never fly that airline again). They even offered to put me on another flight (it was a week later). It just didn't work with my schedule and at that point it just seemed like a big enough sign that this trip at this point in time, wasn't meant to be. I'm kind of big on taking hints from the Universe. I can be a dumb ass sometimes, but I try to listen hard when the Universe gives me a nudge. So that was it. I took my refund, mended my bruised wounds of disappointment and carried on with life. Nepal went back on the travel bucket list.

Fast forward 10 years. Here I am trying to plan spring break. I had been really been thinking hard about Vietnam. A series of life events then just kind of made me make a turn and take the plunge to Nepal and nothing feels more right! This is the time. This is what needs to happen now.

I can't wait to take it all in. I can close my eyes and picture myself there. The smells the sights. All of it. I know that the (slightly longer than) week trip will fly by but I also know that this is a trip of a lifetime and I won't take a second of it for granted!

And yes you better believe there will be blogs and copious amounts of photos to document this once in a lifetime trip that is FINALLY going to happen! When I return there will be a podcast too! Be sure to follow that! My podcast is A Glittery Affair and can be found on all social media @aglitteryaffair, the facebook page is HERE



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