Travel Must Haves!


I've been meaning to write this post for a really long time. I've had it drafted in various forms, notes on post-its, memos in my phone, reminders set. I'll be honest, things just got away from me and I slacked! I always have people asking me for recommendations or seeing things on my Instagram story and asking me about them, so I decided to compile a list of my FAVORITES, my must haves!

I try to travel carry on only, so these are all items that I have found either essential, or helpful in one way or another! I'll list them in no particular order!

**Ebates. First and foremost whenever you're shopping online you'd be foolish not to use this! It's free money for some shopping you're going to do anyways! Sites offer various percentages back on your shopping trip. The sites change their percentages and sometimes offer bonuses so check back often! Just to give you a little idea, I've gotten $656 (don't judge I like to shop!) back from Ebates this year! Seriously, deposited into my Paypal for shopping/buying things I was intending to buy anyways, they also will give you existing promo codes for the sites you're browsing! WIN!
You can get a check mailed or get it deposited into your paypal account. You can also opt to use it to shop (rather than getting it deposited, with this you get 20% more I believe, I don't do this so I don't know the exact number)
Sign up for Ebates HERE**

1. Osprey Fairview 55 Pack
Available HERE
Here I have the packs detached
I've gone through a million packs and various devices for travel. This is my favorite for a number of reasons. 1. You can stuff the hell out of it. 2. It opens fully, zips completely open, rather than just zipping open like a normal pack where you then have to dig for your things in the black hole of the bottom and 3. it has a zip off small pack that you can use for exploring cities where you travel to! 4. I also like that this pack is designed and fit to a woman's body/structure, it's not a mens bag that will be uncomfortable on your hips.

2. Lululemon On The Fly Pant
Found HERE
The pants surviving swimming/trekking in rapids in Bali!
Are they overpriced like most things Lululemon, yes, are they worth every single penny, YES! I have them in several colors and to be honest I'll probably buy more. I had only one color, black, when I went to Bali and I wore the shit out of them! I wore them when I went on that canyon/river trek and they not only survived, they didn't rip or get damaged. They can be dressed up and are a perfect travel and life pant! I seriously love them, and comfy OMG, let's be honest, your girl loves her some sweats, and these feel like an amazing pair of sweats, but look like you're dressed to slay.

3. eBags packing cubes
Available HERE
I honestly should be a spokes person for these things I'm not kidding! I tell EVERYONE about them! They are that good! I have many sets, the 3 piece set is the BEST!
These are perfect for carry on travel because you can stuff the shit out of them, filling way more than if you were just packing in a suit case, you can then pack them into your pack or carry on bag and things are organized in one place. Another reason they are great is because if you are checking a bag, and your bag gets opened, this prevents your things from being a complete yard sale at the hands of TSA or some other airport authority!

4. Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Charlies
Buy them HERE
I'm slightly (ok I'm totally) obsessed with wipes. If you want to be clean these are amazing. If you're traveling to a dodgy location, your body will thank you for having these on hand! Dollar Shave Club are my favorite booty wipes. They have big packs and individual ones. The individual ones are nice for a purse and travel, but in general I tend to buy the big packs more.

5. Chacos
Perfect for ALL THE THINGS!
You can buy them directly from Chacos but honestly I ALWAYS buy mine via (but go through ebates first!!) Shoes always offers at least a 20% off coupon code!
I live in these when temps get tolerable. LIVE IN THEM! I don't care what people think of them, they're the most comfy and if you get the ones with vibram soles (you can make custom ones on Chacos website and add that to any pair) they're amazing for traction/no slip! I hiked all through Bali in mine! Put a carabiner on your backpack and you can attach them to the outside too and wear your heavier shoes when traveling!

6. Anderson Supply Co Multi sport pack
Here is mine in a Mikan farm outside of Tokyo
You can order your custom pack HERE
This is not only made in the USA but it's made by a badass lady boss! I love the packs that she makes, they're all custom, of the highest quality, and it's by far my favorite day pack! I bring this for day use while traveling! I either lay it flat within my other pack or I roll it up and attach it to the bottom of my osprey (where a sleeping roll would go) works like a dream!

7. Lush Shampoo Bar
These can be bought in store or HERE
Honestly my shower kit NEVER goes without one. Seanik is my favorite, it smells amazing.
They are super convenient, and I won't lie, when I was in Bali this was a shampoo bar and a body wash bar for me, a good old all in one! It's convenient, you can also buy the tin to hold the shampoo bar (Yes you need it!) and it stores nicely within your shower kit! No need for messy bottles or dealing with airport security and liquids!

8. Doc Spartan Armpit Armor
You can buy it HERE
I've been on a natural deodorant kick lately, trying to not put chemicals into my body that I don't need to. I've found most of them do absolutely nothing as far as anti perspirant purposes are concerned and well let's be honest, I end up smelling like subway at the end of the day. I don't have time for that! That was until I found this one! This has been a dream! I love it, the lemongrass scent is amazing and by far my favorite, I also have the lavender which is nice but not nearly as nice as the lemongrass! I can wear this all day (through workouts) and still not smell or have sweaty pits! Win!

9. Bagnet
You can buy it HERE
Guys you probably have little to NO interest in this, ladies, it's a must. For travel you may say no, but I say yes! I have one on my purse and it's been a lifesaver! I've even debated putting one on my Anderson pack (think bathrooms that are missing the hook on the door).
This little device has a super powerful magnet that allows you to hook your bag or purse onto metal, preventing it from touching the ground!

10. Bose noise canceling headphones
There are many choices for noise canceling, I've tried a few, for me the over ear Bose are primo!
You can buy them any number of places but Amazon is probably your best bet (don't forget to use Ebates, Amazon sometimes has cash back offers on there!)

11. eBags pack it flat shower kit
You can purchase it HERE (but use ebates first!)
Also, eBags ALWAYS has coupon codes, just do a quick google search! On the day of writing/posting this there was a 20% off one!
This shower kit is amazing, it holds way more than you think, and lays flat, so it's a dream when doing carry on only, or backpacking! It also hangs when you get to your destination! I have had this for years and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

12. Muji Passport Wallet
You can buy it HERE
This is slightly different than the one I have (I bought mine a few years ago at the store), mine doesn't have binder rings in it
I can't say enough positive about this thing. I keep my Global Entry card in here, currency, a PEN (how many times have you been left looking around for a pen when the flight attendants come around with those stupid customs and immigration forms?!), my APEC card, etc. It's slim, doesn't take up much space, but stores all of my things perfectly

13. Muji travel pillow
You can buy it HERE
This is THE VERY BEST travel pillow I have ever used. I've bought probably 10 over the years in an attempt to not nap on my neighbor and they all suck. Not this one! It's soft, comfy, and you can snap it onto your bag/pack when you're not using it! I love this thing!

14. Mogics Donut Power Converter
You can buy it HERE
I backed this thing on Kickstarter, it arrived, and it sat in the back of a closet and I never even opened it let alone used it. I'm kicking myself for that because it's the best thing ever! I took it to Bali on a whim, didn't even bother to look at the outlets before I left, good thing I had it because I needed an international converter, bam, this thing to the rescue! All of my devices plugged into this little guy, and it rolls/packs up super portable! It will be going everywhere with me!

I'm sure that over time this list will evolve and grow, but as of now this is my list of must haves for traveling! I hope that it's helpful to anyone setting out on a trip or adventure! I'm looking forward to lots of adventures in 2018!


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