Curfew and regulations...

Today Adina (coworker) and I attended an orientation briefing (we will be doing this all week) and learned a lot of interesting things.

Most importantly, that we (we being Americans) have a curfew. Monday through Friday we have can not be out at the bars near alcohol after 11:59 pm. On the weekends (Friday is iffy as to whether or not the MP's consider it a weekend day or not) we can be out at the bar around alcohol until 2 am. If you are caught there are some pretty hefty consequences, and even if you are not drinking. If you are sitting at a table with four people and there is one drink, all four will get charged with the offense. Warning taken, I will not be in that position!

No tattoos. I found this interesting considering the high concentration of military personnel with ink, but hey, who am I to argue. I guess some time in the not too distant past there was a bit of an epidemic with hepatitis and tattoo parlor's here.

No massage parlors. At first I was really bummed, until I realized that they meant those kind of massage parlors. I'm legit to go get a nice relaxing massage, I just have to stay out of the dodgy ones, the ones that the sailors preferred I guess.

Here is one of my favorite regulations: no going to Mr Lady's Transvestite Bar...sorry mom, I guess we can't stop there on our site seeing adventures when you get here!

The Fire Department did a presentation about fire safety and what to do in the event of an emergency (fire and natural disasters). Let me preface this by saying that the Fire Department on base is run by Japanese Nationals. We were warned to always lookout for salamis (Mike and Chrissy can appreciate this!) for everyone else, that translates to Tsunamis!

So you see, I have a lot to look out for here in Japan while minding my curfew! I love you all and definitely hope to make it out of here without any salamis!


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