Dinner tonight (Friday April 30, 2010) was near perfection! Adina and I ventured out into our neighborhood, blue street, named because there are blue tiles on the road (creative I know!) and what we dined on was fantastic!

Finally, after being in Japan for 2 weeks, we experienced the ever raved about sushi-go-round. The fish is fresh from the fish market that day, and there is a man making the sushi and putting it on color coded plates (each color represents a different price) and then onto the conveyor belt that shuffles the dishes around the people who are sitting around a bar. It doesn't get better than this I assure you!

I unfortunately did not have my camera with my for this dinner experience, but don't worry, we will be testing out every sushi-go-round in walking distance!

Oh and since it's Friday (crepe day...declared by Adina and I) we had a fantastic desert from the creperie (I think I made that word up) downstairs. You see a delicious looking chart with pictures and the varieties you can choose from, then you put your money in a vending machine thing, select the corresponding number for your treat, a ticket is printed that you then hand to the person at the counter. Seconds later you are dining on the most delicious treat ever! Mine tonight was this whipped cream (but heavier so I really don't know what it was), pudding (again I have no clue what it was), strawberries, and chocolate.

Not a bad little Friday night!


  1. I hate you...I mean I miss you...I mean EAT MORE SUSHI! Sounds fabulous!

  2. Miss you too!!! You must come here...the food is AMAZING, and lets face it, we are girls who like to eat :)
    how do you go wrong with a sushi conveyor?!


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