I take my pig tongue with wine in a can

To start things off, everything is better in a can here in Japan! I have tasted many varieties of coffee in a can (hot and cold versions) and have been thoroughly impressed. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks has nothing on this system!

Adina and I discovered that the shopping mall/plaza/tower next to our hotel has a grocery and marketplace in the lower level. One of the stores (labeled Kaldi's Coffee) has a wide array of products, certainly not limited to coffee (in fact coffee is only a small portion of what they have). This is where we made a huge discovery...wine in a can! This is a fantastic little item that comes in a can about the size of a Red Bull can! There are several flavors, and all of the flavors come in regular or bubbly. I know you wine snobs out there are turning up your nose, but don't knock it until you try it, wine in a can is great!

Tonight (4/27/10) for dinner Adina and I decided to go to the Korean Restaurant that has been recommended on several instances. Let me tell you it's an intimidating menu and ordering process. We went with the all you can eat option (to try everything and if we don't like it we move on to the next). They bring small plates of uncooked meats and you cook it on a little hibachi style grill in the center of your table. Round 1 scared me from the start. Pig tongue. We both were pretty adamant that we weren't eating any kind of tongue. After a quick reminder that we did vow to eat adventurously we decided to split a piece of this grilled item...I kid you not when I tell you, it was delicious! For the record I loved the pig tongue! It had a great seasoning on it (I couldn't tell you what it was) and it really was great!

If ever you are at a Korean restaurant and you are unsure about what to get, I highly recommend the tongue, just make sure it's cooked enough...I hear that it can be kind of chewy if it's not!


  1. 1. Never will you recommend TONGUE to eat. Gross.
    2. I FINALLY got my computer back and running which means I can follow your blog! YEAH!

  2. KC I'm not even kidding, it was good! Lol...you just have to cook the hell out of it :)
    I've been sticking to sushi the past few days...delicious! Oh and crepes are big here (strange I know) and they are AMAZING...and this little German Bakery (run by Japanese people) downstairs from my hotel...to die for. It's a good thing I'm doing a lot of walking because the food options are endless!


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