I think I love Russia


I promise this isn't about how I can see Russia from my house/hotel/corporate housing...Oh no this is far better. Earlier this week I had a conversation with my mom about how I wanted to go to Russia (she went there back in her hippie days...sorry mom I outed you for being a hippie!!) and how fantastic it would be. Fast forward a few days.

Russian Lemon Cake
I went to the UAF Women's Bazaar (I've never been to so many bazaars in such a short time frame) today. I don't know how many vendors there were, but none of that is important besides the one vendor that will be ensuring I leave Alaska at least 5 sizes larger and bursting out of my clothes. The Russian Baker. I remember seeing her in the summer (aka August) at the Farmer's Market and even purchased some apple bread from her there, but what I discovered today is beyond words. First is the Russian Lemon Cake, an amazing combination of lemon custard filling, powdered sugar top, and some sort of flakey crust that is out of this world!

Next up are the Creme Rolls (I could be making the name up, but I do recall it having something to do with Creme and Rolls). They are flaking round shells filled with heavy whipping cream that are then frozen. They came in a variety of flavors but all you really need to know is that they are awesome...that's the flavor. AWESOME!

I'm pretty sure I'll need to be airlifted out of here thanks to the Russian Baker and Alaska Coffee Roasters.

After stuffing my face with several (I lost count) creme rolls I went to see For Colored Girls. Let me tell you, going into it I was hesitant due to the less than spectacular reviews that I read about it. But, I was beyond impressed, fantastic movie! And now that I think about it, most of the reviewers were probably old white men, so yeah perhaps they wouldn't be so thrilled with the flik. If you trust my movie judgement, go see it, I was blown away!

On to what has recently become my favorite part of Alaska...WTF (it's almost like the Kit Kat hunt in Japan, I'm on a WTF hunt here). I have to admit, my list is a bit small, I've been "hibernating" a bit in my free time...it's getting cold people...and dark!

WTF Alaska:

  • 3 grown men crossing the street (a week before Halloween) with stick on Mustaches and knit animal hats (you know the ones that give you bear ears)


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