I'm going Native!


So I finally took the plunge and made a big purchase for myself. You might be thinking house, car, etc...Native Handicrafts people! I have been eyeing the Athabascan hand beaded gloves since I arrived in Alaska, they are seriously amazing, and can't be fully appreciated until they are seen in person! Well today I finally rewarded my desires and made the big purchase...it is quite a big purchase I assure you (slightly less than a car or house, but pretty steep for a pair of gloves) none the less, these are some snazzy gloves, and a perfecto souvenir to take home from AK!
Hefty investment-AK style

I can't say enough about the native beadwork. I mean, seriously. This is all hand done, not shipped out to China and mass manufactured by under (or un) paid young children. The gloves also have fur around the beadwork (sorry PETA)...it's of the Beaver variety, which happens to be what most of their gloves/slippers are made of (that and seal).  After today my bank account definitely needs some R&R and probably a third R, replenish!

WTF Alaska

  • Woman walking into the department/grocery store combo with a reflective vest (after getting out of her pick up truck) and her two shihtzu's on a leash (since when did it become appropriate to bring your non-service dogs into the grocery store...in a reflective vest?!)


  1. That glove is too pretty, I wouldn't want to wear it out of fear that I may get it dirty. Very nice memento!


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