Thanksgiving Away


Since leaving for college decades ago (at least that's what it feels like!) I've grown accustomed to some Holiday's away. And, this might come as a surprise, but I kind of like it! Perhaps these holiday's away have turned me into a bit of an anti-social, but I kind of like that too! Fact is, holidays usually bring way too much eating, some family bickering, more eating and gluttonous behavior, and a side order of sleep. Perhaps my non-traditional holiday isn't everyone's ideal, but I will tell you that I rather enjoyed myself. Yes I missed my family (that includes the surrogate family who has taken me in for years and years of Thanksgivings since I have lived in St Louis) but here's the upside; I didn't over eat (well maybe a few too many bites of popcorn at one of the two movies that I enjoyed), there was absolutely no family bickering (I had lovely conversations with all family members, let them know I was thinking of them, missed them, you know the's all true by the way!), I had no schedule to stick to, got up when I wanted, drank as much coffee as I wanted, and did exactly what I wanted when I wanted to. Kind of nice right?! Also, let's face it, Thanksgiving isn't really the nicest of holidays so I'd rather not celebrate...some historians and most children's novelists make it seem warm and fuzzy, but I doubt there are many warm and fuzzy feelings when people come in, push you off of land you have been living on, kill more than can even be counted, but hey, they brought a turkey dinner so that was nice right?! I digress...Thanksgiving isn't really my holiday...don't even get me started on Columbus Day

So yeah, the big decisions for me this year were which new releases to see and in which order. I had an ambitious goal of seeing 3 movies on Turkey Day...but, that goal was way too ambitious, and I've discovered that my max for movies in one day is definitely two...unless they are playing old re runs on tv and in that case I can lounge around all day and watch. the same movie. over and over. Back to my movies. I saw the amazing and fabulous Tangled. I highly recommend it! I saw it in 3D, not sure if I can recommend that, you might want someone else's opinion. I think 3D movies are not for me, they make my eyes/head hurt and let's face it I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and don't prefer things flying at my face. Movie was fantastic, Disney didn't disappoint.

Next movie was Love and Other Drugs. I thought for sure that the theater would be full of females, boy was I wrong. I was outnumbered. In a chic flick. But after watching the movie I'm convinced that it's because they all wanted to see Anne Hathaway naked, and that she was. For the better part of the movie. I had high hopes for this movie and it definitely didn't meet my expectations. It was way too long, the whole story could have been cut down by at least an hour.

That leaves me with one more movie to see before the weekend is out...I've been looking forward to it since the first preview hit the screen...Burlesque. After all, what gets better than Cher, Christina Aguilera, and a movie about dance. Perhaps I've lowered the bar on my standards!

And finally, in my Thanksgiving weekend update...I've had a lot of time to really submerge myself in my Kindle...which I haven't done in quite some time. I was able to finish the book that I've been reading (if you call a chapter a month reading) since arriving in Alaska and start the new Sedaris one.

Oh yeah, and there's a bazaar this weekend...don't be too surprised!

Books Read: 
The Glass Castle


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