American Village


Today I ventured off to American Village. Yes the place is actually called American Village. It's like a mega shopping plaza that is conveniently located along the ocean. Sunset Beach to be precise! Had the weather been warmer it would have been nice to stop and relax on the beach, but it was low 60's and chilly so a brisk walk was necessary just to stay warm!

I parked at The Beach Tower Hotel (only because it's the only landmark at American Village that I can find my way back to because you can see it from every place there!). Wow, this hotel is interesting. When you walk in the lobby they have an exotic bird (that is extremely loud). You go around the corner and they have two little monkeys and a large turtle in the same cage/pen/outdoor area. Then, outside they have two dogs in a pen together (I thought it was doggy day care but no, these are permanent guests and are even featured in the hotel brochure). Next to the dogs are two goats. It was definitely a surreal experience and that was just parking the car and doing some minor exploration!

After this I wasn't sure the adventure could be topped, but I did some shopping and some more exploring and boy oh boy did I top the adventure. So much so that it's going to get it's own post! 


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