News link for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

This will definitely be a day that I won't forget, and for sure an assignment that I won't forget! I had just completed my Crossfit workout and was going outside to do a cool down walk when I heard sirens (not like St Louis where they go on for a while followed by english announcements) These sirens were shorter bursts followed by nothing but Japanese speaking (obvi). It was about 5pm when I first heard them, having not had any internet access for the day I had no idea about the massive earthquake that had just hit Tokyo a couple of hours prior.

Driving home from the Crossfit gym I was able to listen to the American radio station (broadcasted from one of the bases on island) and was notified of the impending tsunami and the approximate time of arrival (30 mins or so away). I got home and instantly got out my camera. I have a room on the 12th floor up on a hill that overlooks the sea, I was hoping to capture some of this tsunami in action. Unfortunately I saw nothing before it started to get dark (and I started to get hungry!) I was able to get some video of the tsunami warnings in effect...sorry about the shakiness of the camera, I was trying to shoot the video and look out to the sea and it caused some unease in the quality of get the idea!

Nothing like being warned of impending danger and having no clue...I have a new way of operating here, if they run I run!

Thank you to everyone back in the states for the emails, FB posts, and phone calls trying to make sure that I was ok. Love you all!


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