If my feet could speak, they probably would sing (a broadway hit of course!)


So finally after staring at people's perfectly manicured feet for far too long, I scheduled my appointment at Cocok's (the k is silent). This isn't your average walk in nail salon, you need an actual appointment. After all this place is legendary (and just so happens to be owned by the wife of the man who owns Crossfit Asia)

Basically this place ruined me for life. Since I do not have full time employment here in Okinawa and will ultimately have to return home (boo) I know that the many frills that I've experienced on island will soon dry up and wither away.

This was without a doubt by far the best pedicure I've EVER gotten. I mean, there are no words to describe this bad boy. I had a Crossfit workout the day before, my legs were tired, and the amazing oil massage (I got to pick the oil that I preferred) that my legs and feet were treated to was out of this world. Furthermore, they paint these little murals on your toes. It's like Picasso himself were giving the pedicures that's how impressive the artwork is. Get this, that's not an extra cost, it's FREE, included in your pedicure fee. AMAZING. So add this to the multitude of reasons why I want to stay in Okinawa and never return. Ok so maybe this is the main reason, but you can't blame a girl, it's hard to find a good pedicure. Especially one where they give you a cold glass of iced tea on a hot day.


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