And sometimes your dinner arrives on a flaming sword. No big deal


Tonight I went to dinner with a group...always an adventure when coordinating the schedules of 9 people, but it generally works out, one way or another. When I was here last I went to this restaurant a couple of times. Sam's by the Sea is the name...good menu, good food...and how do you turn down a flaming sword?! Really makes the steaming plate of fajitas in the US look like old news!

This restaurant not only has a parrot (? I'm no bird specialist) out front, but it also has all kinds of crazy decor on the inside. From a beautiful/colorful dragon in one corning of the ceiling to a rickshaw to netting with shells, to the wooden man with penis that seems to be in close proximity each and every time I dine there. I'm guessing he is some kind of fertility token because surely the Japanese do not want you dining in the presence of such obscenities. I mean, I am in a country where it's illegal to possess porn (for Americans) and vibrators. Kind of funny when many of the streets are filled with prostitutes and "massage" parlors.

And we're off topic! So here are some photos of this evenings adventures. I didn't order the flaming sword but someone else at the table did (how can you resist the flaming sword?!)

Bird in front of the restaurant

Proof that the flaming sword exists!

Dragon on the ceiling (Shisa dog on the wall)

Close up of the dragon

Flaming sword in action

Happy times for all!

Pick your own seafood


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