Going back to...


I've been getting a lot of lip from some of you...you know who you are (ahem, BRad) about my lag in posting...but let's face it, a summer of unemployment isn't really that exciting, and most of the other stuff really doesn't belong in a public blog!

So here we go. About to embark on another adventure. This time though it's a little different. For the first time in over two years of doing this work I will be returning to a place I've been before. It's pretty exciting because it's definitely my MOST favorite place of all, if you haven't guessed it well you clearly aren't a loyal blog reader. That's right. Okinawa!

So, in an attempt to prepare myself for the adventure, here are some of the things that I'm looking forward to most about my return trip...

1. The food
2. The people/culture
3. Cheap spa services (laser hair removal hello!)
4. Cocok's out of this world manicures and pedicures
5. Ziplining at Forest Adventure
6. Crossfit (although taking stock of my current fitness level, this will very much be a love HATE relationship!)
7. The ridiculous lost in translation moments that I seem to get myself into

So loveys, I promise to be much less boring...at least for 3 months!


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