Japanese lesson of the day


So I've been trying to learn little bits and pieces of conversational Japanese...I've had very limited success. By "very limited" I mean, I can say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, I'm sorry, please, excuse me, and count to five (which is slowly increasing since I now also know 6 and 8 (7 is way too tricky)

Tonight during a venture to the hotel lobby, one of my favorite hotel staff (the guy with almost no English who always wants to practice his English, as I try to dissect what he is saying to me) was trying to assist me in getting a new pillow for my room (long story short, the pillows they provide feel like they have locusts inside them) In doing so he then quickly said my room number in Japanese. Since my room is 821, I knew 2 of the 3 numbers in that sequence already...with a little help from my "English speaker" I was able to learn that my room number is:
Hachi ni ichi (8 2 1)

So, to dazzle you with my Japanese language skills thus far (or just my counting)...this is what I know

6-roku (which sounds like loku when pronounced)

I'm not really sure what being able to count to 8 (by skipping 7) will do for me, but I hope to find out!

Perhaps some day I will learn more useful things to say in Japanese. Maybe I should look into those Japanese language classes while I'm over here!


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