Everyone's a little bit...primate


It's the day after Thanksgiving (still Thanksgiving Day in the US) and what better thing to do than zip through the trees, wind in my hair, hang upside down...really bringing out my inner primate! That's right, finally made it back to Forest Adventure! I don't know how time slipped away from me, but somehow it did and now I have 3 weeks until I leave this wonderful paradise and I had yet to make it to Forest Adventure for some zip lining. I almost forgot how much I love this place. I could literally spend all day doing this! So fun! What is not fun is the harness. It pinches, it squeezes, it bruises and if you're lucky it will leave blood blisters (isn't that the sign of a good time?!). I'm pretty sure the man who tightened mine up to his liking was into S&M.

Some of my favorite things about Forest Adventure, that would never fly (ha!) in the US are:
-nominal instructions prior to getting onto the course
-safety, who needs safety? In the states you would need a helmet, gloves, some sort of training course...here, strap yourself on the course and go!
-the absence of a braking device (braking in Oki= slamming full speed into a pile of woodchips!)

Books Read: (so maybe I've been a bit of an anti-social book nerd lately...lots of good reads!)

The Night Circus
Room: A Novel


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