These are the places in your neighborhood


Birdland Cafe. I've driven past this place approximately 923843 times in the two times that I've lived on Okinawa. I've always said that I wanted to stop and try it but no one ever saw the charm that I believed was within the walls of this humble little eatery.

Bottom line, from the street it looks like a dump. For Okinawa standards there is a plethora of parking, 5 or so spots on the same side as the restaurant, and then a separate lot across the street that holds about 4 spaces. Both lots require some fancy maneuvering to get in/out, but it's well worth it!

The menu, all Japanese. No pictures. This means that you get to do the good old Russian Roulette method of selecting a meal, assuming you aren't picky, you won't be disappointed. The food was great, but what you really go for is the atmosphere.

How you notify them that you are ready to order

The inside is absolutely fabulous, little things tucked in tiny spaces that just seem to make you smile when you see them.

So all in all today was a huge success, an impromptu lunch stop on the way back "home"


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