Okinawan Donuts (Sata Andagi)


In the spirit of the holiday, and eating, and since I have yet to bring you a recipe from this lovely land in which I reside, I figured that I would bring you one of my favorite treats here (I need to figure out how to make this Paleo!)
Any of you Paleo eaters out there if you have suggestions for recipe modifications please please send them my way!

Okinawan Donuts (Sata Andagi)

4 Eggs
¾ cup milk
¾ tsp vanilla
4 cups flour
2 cups sugar
3 ½ TBSP baking powder
¼ tsp salt

In a deep fryer or skillet heat oil to 350 degrees or until hot
In a large bowl beat eggs, milk, and vanilla, sift in flour, sugar, baking powder and salt
Add to egg mixture, stir until ingredients are moistened and dough is smooth
Drop teaspoonfuls into the hot oil and fry until golden brown and donuts rise to the surface
Drain on paper towel lined plates, serve hot (also good cooled down)


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