Happy Friday!


Happy Friday...

Here's how the conversation with the Japanese car rental company went (I'll spare you the lack of Japanese on my part and the minimal English on theirs):

Me: The tire to my rental is flat
Them: Can you change it and put the spare on
Me: No (granted I know I'm not in the US, but damn...there's a reason I pay for AAA...to ensure that I never EVER under no circumstances will be roadside changing a tire.)
On hold for a while
Them: Can you ask the hotel staff to change it for you (I should have prefaced this story by saying a coworker got a flat a few days ago and had to go through the EXACT same banter with them, and was denied by the hotel staff)
Me: No
On hold for a while
Them: OK we will send someone out to change it.

What I should also tell you is that two very small Japanese young women showed up and proceeded to change my tired in the garage (did this make me feel like less of a woman, hell no! I stick to my story...never EVER will I be changing a tire)...and rather than giving me back my car with the spare on it, they also brought with them a "new" car for me (new to me but by no means new)...lucky me the previous owner/s was a smoker. Awesome!


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