Tokashiki Island


So finally after 3 trips to Okinawa, I finally made it to the Keramas! Last weekend for a quick little trip I ventured over to Tokashiki Island (1 hour give or take on the slow ferry and 30 minutes on the quick one).

Tokashiki is beautiful. Where my hotel (Marine Village) was located was very isolated and there wasn't much to see or do other than the beach and beautiful water (tough life I know!). The hotel didn't even have wifi in the rooms (gasp) so it really forced me to disconnect and relax a little. Something that I now realize I haven't done in a really long time!

I'm not much of a water person. I tend to dislike sea life, especially if it's anywhere near me...but I was hoping to see a sea turtle or two. Turns out you had to actually get into the water to see those. Damn. Perhaps next time I'll put on my big girl swim trunks and do the whole snorkeling thing (gulp).

Tokashiki is beautiful and it was nice to get out and see something new...

I took way too many pictures to upload them individually, so slideshow it is...enjoy!

As we were leaving Tokashiki Island the Japanese children had a neat send off (sayonara) for the ferry. I captured a lot of it on video but I'm sure it doesn't do it justice. It was really something to see/experience!


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