I'll stud you too


Well after feeling relatively successful with the little boy's shoes...I attacked my converse...I couldn't be happier with how they came out.

After. So much more...me!
Everything is fair game right now for some serious studding!

I did an older pair of low chucks this weekend (with shiny silver studs) and they came out fantastic! When I looked on line for pre studded converse the prices were ridiculous $150-$200 for some. I will tell you that on a site like 6pm.com you can get really great prices on Chucks (some for $20) and then if you go to Etsy you can find the metal studs for about $2 for 100 pieces. I used one pack of 100 for the high top shoes above and had some leftover. So for under $40 I was able to stud the shoes above. Much better than $150 or $200.


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