Mileage points, elite status, and just traveling smart


It's no big surprise that I'm a bit of a mileage points ho. I'm a very dedicated United mileage member. I've attained the highest elite status with them (affording me upgrades on international flights, access to the elite lounges, and just a better all around travel experience) and I intend to keep it!

Recently I discovered the process of elite status matching! How fabulous. So, if you have Elite status on United you can call some of the airlines and go through a process (some require fees) of getting your status matched with them. I'll provide the information here and where I had success.

American Airlines
Offers elite status matching (no cost) if you are a United 1k member with very little leg work. Just call 1-800-882-8880 and find your way to a customer service agent to request Elite Status Matching. They send you an email, you send the requested credentials (a screenshot of your recent United Account info, A copy of your United Mileage card, and your AAdvantage number and telephone number), and it goes on to processing. Took less than 10 minutes (including fumbling through the automated phone system to get to an agent)

They offer elite status matching challenge. You have to email your credentials (copy of your card and screenshot) to SMSCEliteFaxes.Delta@delta.comYou then have to fill out the request form on the page here. They do have some more stringent requirements; requiring you to actually do some flying in a 90 day period (miles are dependant upon the level of status that you have and wish to maintain)

First, confirm your comparable status with the SkyMiles program:
Delta SkyMiles Medallion StatusSilverGoldPlatinum
American AAdvantage StatusGoldPlatinumExecutive Platinum
United Mileage Plus StatusPremier SilverPremier GoldPremier Platinum/Platinum 1K
Then, determine the MQMs or MQSs needed to retain status:
Delta SkyMiles Medallion StatusSilverGoldPlatinum
Flight Requirements on Delta or Delta Connection8,000 MQMs or 10 MQSs16,000 MQMs or 20 MQSs26,000 MQMs or 35 MQSs
I have submitted my materials but have no intentions of flying Delta within the next 90 days. We shall see if I get anywhere with it, but I'm doubting that I will. The whole process did not take long to complete and fill out (5-10 minutes).

US Airways
They offer a paid elite status program (but not a match or match challenge program). This is of little or no interest to me because I rarely fly anyone other than United, and if I do I'm not paying to fly comfortably on US Airway (frankly my flight experience with them has been lousy). But, in the event that you are interested in buying your elite status with them, you can do so here

Alaska Airlines
They offer a match up to their mid-tier level (MVP Gold). This process is simple and takes a minute. you just email a copy of your credentials (screenshot or a copy of your most recent statement, and a copy of your card) to

These are the only airlines that I have researched this process with. If you have United 1k you get most of the benefits from the partner airlines so I didn't go through the headache of contacting any of those. I hope you all can get that elite status and travel more comfortably (plus, you usually get bonus miles with elite status...bonus miles=free tickets)


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