Beach Hopping


Full Rainbow
Today I went with some colleagues on an island beach hopping adventure. Although the weather didn't always cooperate, it was still nothing short of amazing. During the adventure we saw many rainbows, even some double rainbows (no I didn't freak out like the guy on Youtube). I put my hands in the ocean (not too cold, but not warm enough for me to get in), collected some beautiful shells, and soaked up the sun when it made it's appearances!

On to some important news...I have resumed my Kit Kat search...and guess what, I found a new flavor today! Strawberry Cake! So all of you who have enjoyed the Kit Kats, buckle your seat belts, I'm trying to top the flavors that I brought home before! I put a few of my favorite pics in this post and then all of them in the slide show...enjoy!


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