Okinawa Ambrosia


I haven't had an Ambrosia post in a while, and certainly haven't had one for Okinawa, so here it goes...this will be a photography ambrosia (all pics that I finally took off of my iPhone)!

Some of the directions you might receive while driving in Japan...what's wrong? You don't understand either?!

Pornographic Godzilla (pronounced "Godzirra" here)...this wasn't actually pornographic, just when I took the pic from this angle it was...but how could I resist?!

View from the walking path in Comprehensive Park
There is some sort of shrine in this rock/island and people walk out and light candles and offer food during low tide
Low tide view from walking path (Comprehensive Park)
People farming their seaweed gardens during low tide (Comprehensive Park)
Velodrome in Comprehensive Park
Sun setting in Comprehensive Park
The Okinawa Parfait Dessert. Amazing. It comes on fire. Ok so it's a sparkler, but still. Does your dessert do that?!
Someone is getting these in the mail...I couldn't pass up the Crunky Nude Balls
Green Papaya Salad (I eat this at least 4 times a week, it's amazing!)


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