The Most Amazing (Paleo) Pancakes Ever!


So it's Sunday again, the designated cooking/baking day for the week! Today I was really ambitious and had a list (way too long) of things to make! I decided that I needed some variety in my meals this week rather than eating the same thing every day for lunch! So for this blog entry I'll start with breakfast (my most favorite meal of the day, no questions asked!)...paleo pancakes!

Amazeballs Paleo Pancakes:


  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 1/4 cup of creamy almond butter
  • 3 eggs
  • coconut flour (I added some to thicken up the mix, if you don't need/want it, don't add it!


  • in a food processor/blender (or by hand if you're really ambitious) mix ingredients (sans coconut flour)
  • if the mix is really watery than add some coconut flour to thicken it up (I didn't measure, just poured a small amount at a time)
  • add any desired fruits to the batter for really tasty pancakes (I used blueberries!)
  • Enjoy!
  • I recommend doubling this recipe, this was enough for one person with some leftovers, but wouldn't make nearly enough for more than that!


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