Brodette Nation: Season 1 Episode 10, recognize that girl? It's a Miss Adventures takeover!


Today's the big day! I've had this little nugget in my back pocket eagerly awaiting it's release! This was recorded the same week my life made a drastic change (not something I had planned or a change I initiated) an engagement ended, but this turned out to be the biggest blessing and enabled me to open my eyes to the treatment I was receiving, the position someone was putting me in, and ultimately what I deserve in life. So when Natassia asked me to be on her amazing Podcast how could I possibly say no?! So I didn't! Give it a listen, it's on all podcast platforms, FREE, and available for download now...
here is the link to the iTunes version: Brodette Nation

And, have no fear, we have some things in the pipeline and I'll be back for season 2. Ever wonder what it's like dating at 37 years old, better yet online dating? Want to hear some of the bullshit and nightmares I've encountered? I assure you I can't even make some of it up! Well Season 2 will include some of that, also keep an eye on the blog for a nice little post about all of that! 

In the podcast Natassia asked if I had any trips planned, guess what, we have one in the pipeline, but I need your help! First world problems I know, but help me choose: Bali, Thailand, or somewhere else in Southeast Asia (with a beach)? I have 16 days to play with if that changes anything! 
Comment with your vote/suggestion/and any tips you might have for that location. I've done Thailand before, but many islands I have not!
Can't wait to share another solo adventure!


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